“On the mountain we feel the joy of living,

the emotion of feeling good

and the relief of forgetting earthly miseries.

All this because we are closer to heaven.”

– Emilio Comici

Before the great granite silence of the highest peaks of the Alps, there is a small valley able to dissolve the daily stress and make you forget the chaotic life of the city. Picturesque villages such as Argnod, framed by chestnut woods with the scent of resin, invite you to walk, to get lost in the landscape and find yourself in balance with nature, while Aosta, the little “Rome of the Alps”, allows you not to give up an aperitif with local products and shopping. Whether it’s meadows in bloom with the classic mountain scent of spring, lush pastures of intense green in summer, forests with flaming colors in autumn or villages covered with snow in the intense cold of winter, Aosta Valley always has something special ready to amaze you.